李俊輝 (Chun-Hui Li) ,彰化小孩,四年雲林生活後即移居台北。誰能肯定自己未來在哪,只好不斷去尋找自己在哪,始終相信歲月總是能襯托出你內心那份自我價值的清澈。成長經驗略懂電腦科學、略懂認知神經科學、略懂語言學。

I am currently a visiting student in Prof. Cichy's Lab from October 2021 to September 2022, working on a 3D perception project that investigates how the spatiotemporal representations of distances and surface normals are integrated into the 3D scene information under spatial perception.

Research Interests

  • Statistical machine learning for neural decoding
  • Representational dynamics under object recognition
  • Top-down modulation on neural representations for object selectivity

Current Works

  • Neural pattern decoding
    | Prof. Bo-Cheng Kuo @ National Taiwan University
  • The modulation of distances and surface normals on the neural dynamics for spatial perception
    | Prof. Radoslaw Martin Cichy @ Free University Berlin

Honors and Awards

  • 2022 Humanities and Social Sciences doctoral dissertation award, nominated by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. (111-2424-H-002-012-DR)
  • 2022 Scholarship of Summer Institute Programme, offered by MOST-DAAD. (110-2927-I-002-519)
  • 2021 Scholarship of Graduate Students Study Abroad Program, offered by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. (110-2917-I-002-008)
  • 2021 Merit abstract award for the OHBM Annual Meeting, nominated by OHBM 2021 Program Committee.

Journal Papers

  • Li, C. H., Wang, M. Y., & Kuo, B. C. (2021)
    The Effects of Stimulus Inversion on the Neural Representations of Chinese Character and Face Recognition.
    Neuropsychologia, 108090.

  • Kuo, B. C., Li, C. H., Lin, S. H., Hu, S. H., & Yeh, Y. Y. (2017).
    Top-down modulation of alpha power and pattern similarity for threatening representations in visual short-term memory.
    Neuropsychologia, 106, 21-30.

  • Chen, F. W., Li, C. H., & Kuo, B. C. (Under review)
    Temporal expectation based on the duration variability modulates alpha oscillations during working memory maintenance

  • Li, C. H., & Kuo, B. C. (In preparation)
    Pattern Similarity in Neural Representations for the Inversion Effect of Face and Chinese Character Recognition.

Conference Papers and Posters

  • Li, C. H., Kuo, B. C., (2022, August)
    Goal-directed attention modulates neural representations of object selectivity - An MEG-fMRI fusion study,
    poster in the European Conference on Visual Perception 2022, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

  • Li, C. H., Kuo, B. C., (2022, May)
    The effects of stimulus inversion on the neural representations of face and Chinese character recognition,
    poster in the International Conference of Cognitive Neuroscience 2022, Helsinki, Finland.

  • Li, C. H., Kuo, B. C., (2021, June) (Merit Abstract Award)
    Top-down attention modulates spatiotemporal dynamics of object selectivity: An MEG-fMRI fusion study,
    poster in the 27th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, virtual.

  • Li, C. H., Kuo, B. C., (2019, June)
    Pattern similarity in neural representations for the inversion effect of face and chinese character,
    poster presented in the 25th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Rome, Italy.

  • Li, C. H., & Kuo, B. C. (2018, January)
    Chinese characters elicit face-like inversion effects: a magnetoencephalography study,
    poster presented in Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Taichung, Taiwan.

  • Wang, S. M., Li, C. H., Lo, Y. C., Huang, T. H., Ku, L. W., (2016, December)
    Sensing emotions in text messages: an application and deployment study of EmotionPush,
    system demonstrated in the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Osaka, Japan.

  • Kuo, P. J., Chen, P. Y., Wang, Y. T., Li, C. H., Lin, M. J., (2014, March)
    A ubiquitous geotag related mobile personal digital photograph annotation system,
    poster presented in the Annual Conference on Engineering & Information Technology, Tokyo, Japan.